Delta Sequence Beanie (FREE Pattern!)

Triangles are my favorite shape, for various reasons. It is very structurally strong (hello, Great Pyramids!), the number three is said to be a powerful and influential number, and it has a long-standing appearance in LGBT+ history, for better or worse. I even have a tattoo of the Penrose Triangle!

Another favorite of mine is the warm cozy feeling of a beanie on my ears in chilly weather. Et voila, the Delta Sequence Beanie was born! 

The yarn I used is somewhere between worsted weight and aran, but the fit is quite snug, with only an 80-stitch cast-on. You could cast on 96 with an extra pattern repeat, if you’re using a lighter-weight yarn, or you could use slightly larger needles. This is a great colorwork project for an intermediate knitter with some stranded colorwork experience, but the ambitious beginner wouldn’t get lost following along, either! The pom-pom is optional, but I wouldn’t wear this number any other way. 

You can grab this free pattern here, and I’d love to hear feedback if you make one! ❤️

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